Colombia Santa Ana

honey, concord grape, lilac

Location: La Cocha

Varietal: Caturra

Processing: Fully washed

Elevation: 2000m

Santa Ana comes to us from Carlos Esteban Cortes Santacruz. We met Carlos the last time we visited Colombia during our time in Narino. We were generously hosted for coffee and a meal with his mother & sister. Here, we learned more about the area and the family’s history. As we traveled around Yacuanqer, it dawned on us that Carlos, who is in charge of receiving small deliveries of coffee for the cooperative, actually grew beautiful caturra on his own farm right behind his house. We discovered that his coffees had never been separated from the rest of the regional blend. We were eager to cup them after seeing his healthy trees. 

Yacuanqer is where one of our most consistent regional blend lots comes from. We’ve always loved these coffees. Small farmers deliver 1-8 bags of parchment to the cooperative in Narino, where the best lots are bulked together for a blend we often put in Stereo. This allows these farmers to get a premium on top of the daily price per carga, as well as allows us to find wonderful coffees like Santa Ana. 

Carlos’ coffee perfectly encapsulates the depth of sweetness and complexity to be found in these lots. We’re so happy to be able to offer coffee from someone who not only works hard on his own coffee, but also helps others in the community. Carlos harvests his coffee between May and June, before depulping and fermenting the coffee for 22-24 hours. The coffee then dries slowly for up to 18 days on raised beds. 

This coffee is fruit forward, exceptionally sweet and boasts great aromatics in the cup. We love Colombian coffee for the complexity of flavors that are found there. Santa Ana is a great example of how floral and juicy they can be. This lot is small and will not last long, so enjoy it while it’s here! 

About the Variety: Caturra is a “medium/high yielding” variety known for being compact and shorter in stature. Optimal planting for Caturra is 5000-6000 plants per hectare, and like Bourbon and Typica is known for its desirable cup qualities. 

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