Ethiopia Worka Sakaro

mango, white currant, brown sugar

Location: Gedeb
Elevation: 1800-2000m
Varieties: Heirloom
Process: Fully washed

This Worka lot comes to us from the Ato.  Mijane washing station located in the village of Sakaro(hence the name). Ato means “Mister”, and is in reference to the man who started this station back in 2012. His son Daniel is now actively working to sell coffees from the stations his father started in Yirgacheffe, and is trying to connect with roasters all over the world to bring these coffees to market. Daniel Mijane was working at the Gedeb agricultural organization before leaving to help his father at the mill. The Mijane’s also have a mill in Halo, that produces some of the best coffee in that area as well.

Gedeb is in an area that consistently produces some of heart’s favorite coffees, and with how juicy and complex these coffees tend to be it’s hardly a surprise. The agriculture in the Gedeb area boasts a lot of biodiversity and a naturally nutrient rich soil, both we believe contribute to the happiness and health of the trees on the plantations there. The coffees in this lot are harvested from the Worka Valley on the slopes of Mt. Rudu before being delivered to the washing station. They are then milled and fermented for 24-48 hours before spending between 7-10 days drying on raised beds.

We’re sure you’ll love brewing this coffee as much as we did when we cupped it. It’s juicy, floral and maintains a ton of sweetness throughout the cup. So far our only complaint while brewing this coffee is that it disappears too quickly!


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