Peru Sebastian Carvajal

bergamot, watermelon candy, pluot

Location: Jaen

Varietal: Yellow Caturra

Processing: Fully washed

Elevation: 1750m

This is our first year purchasing coffee from Sebastian Carvajal, and we couldn’t be happier to share it with our customers! La Lucuma has been in Sebastian’s possession since 2015 and his hard work and commitment to quality really show in the cup. Peru is a producing country that we’ve been eager to get more involved with for several years now, and we’re happy to be finding coffees from Cajamarca in the northern part of the country that check all the boxes for us. 

La Lucuma is a 4 hectare parcel of land at 1750m above sea level. About half of Sebastian’s farm is planted with Yellow Caturra plants, while the rest is speckled with banana trees. Sebastian ferments his coffee dry, after it’s depulped for about 28 hours before washing it. He then drys his coffee on Solar dryer or Patio for about 15 days. 

Sebastian sees coffee starting to bear fruit in May and harvest typically ends in early October with the heaviest month being August. He produces roughly 60 bags of Parchment and after milling and separation we’ve purchased 25 bags of specialty grade coffee from the farm. Sebastian is proud to practice organic agriculture and wants to continue to develop his farm for his family as well as the coffee community around him, and we’re very excited to purchase his coffee and join him on that journey! 


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