Colombia La Morelia

cacao, bing cherry, lavender honey

Location: Pitalito

Varietal: Caturra

Processing: Fully washed

Elevation: 1800m

Finca La Morelia is located in the Paicol district of Huila, and is owned and operated by Miller Walles. Miller purchased his coffee farm 15 years ago after deciding to leave the life of sugarcane cultivation behind. He describes this decision as “life changing” and that coffee provides for his family in a way that sugarcane could not.

Miller Started his farm from scratch, as it was wild forest before he and his family were able to work the land and cultivate coffee there. A large portion of his farm is still forested as he feels it’s important to promote biodiversity for the plants. After the ripe cherries are picked they are dumped into cool water and skimmed for any floaters. He then depulps his coffee in the afternoon and leaves the seeds to ferment for roughly 36 hours depending on the weather before washing it thoroughly and laying it out to dry on bamboo and mesh beds. The coffee is mixed and rotated for between 35-40 days before it is evenly dried and ready to be stored in the bodega.

Miller believes that the combination of soil health, biodiversity, and hard work makes his coffee so special. He’s been working hard and learning from the coffee SENA(a national training service) and by shared information in the coffee producers association of Paicol(a group of over 150 farmers). We really love the complexity of this coffee, and we’re sure you’ll find it extracts with ease!

About the Variety: Caturra is a “medium/high yielding” variety known for being compact and shorter in stature. Optimal planting for Caturra is 5000-6000 plants per hectare, and like Bourbon and Typica is known for its desirable cup qualities.


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