Honduras Leonel Martinez

apricot, almond, brown sugar

Location: El Cedral 

Varietal: Pacas

Processing: Fully washed

Elevation: 1520-1600m

This is the third consecutive year purchasing coffee from Leonel, and we have to say we’re thrilled again with his consistent quality and flavor profile year over year. Wille, the co-owner and Drew, our coffee buyer, visited Leonel and his family this past year to find that his son Mario would be producing enough coffee to separate his lot next harvest. We’re very excited to continue our relationship with the Martinez family and support them again!

Leonel’s farm is in El Cedral Santa Barbara, a very famous coffee producing region of Honduras. His trees on average grow at 1581m above sea level and are 100% Pacas(a genetic mutation of bourbon). He averages about 40 bags of parchment per year and ferments his coffee between 12-18 hours before drying it on raised beds inside greenhouses. The drying time at fastest is 6 days and can be as long as 18 days. 

We find his coffee to have nice malic acid, and solid baking spice/brown sugar sweetness. We’re so happy to have Leonels coffee back on the menu, and can’t wait for everyone to enjoy all the hard work and dedication he’s put into making this a truly delicious offering.

We ship freshly roasted coffee Monday - Friday. Get your order in by 12pm PST on weekdays, and have your coffee shipped the next day.

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