Ethiopia Halo

honeysuckle, nectarine, cream

Location: Shashamane
Elevation: 2075m
Varieties: Heirloom
Process: Fully washed

For those of you who’ve been following Heart over the years you will know that Halo is a special coffee for us. Yirgacheffe is one of our favorite places to source coffee from, and after a year off we’re very glad to welcome Halo back to our menu! Customers who loved this coffee before will instantly recognize it’s complexity, zippy acidity, and juicy sweetness. 

Worasa Mijane started the Halo Shashamane washing station in 2013 after their success with the Worka Sakaro station. Heart has maintained a relationship with both stations for a while now, with Worka Sakaro being a shining star on our menu last year. Halo is located just a few kilometers away from Worka, though the coffees have very distinctly different profiles. 

We met Daniel Mijane, Worasa’s son in our travels to Ethiopia the past few years. He’s helped market his father’s coffees to specialty customers and made a reputation for their family through hard work and consistent quality. This lot is no exception being a shining example of coffees hailing from the Gedeb region in Yirgacheffe. 


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