Honduras Daysi Munoz

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Location: Santa Barbara
Elevation: 1813m
Varieties: Catuai
Process: Fully washed

We are very happy to kick off our Honduran offerings this year with a coffee from Daysi Munoz. We’ve known Daysi a few years now as she is married to Ramon Hernandez, who we’ve been working with for 3 seasons. We’ve wanted to work with Daysi for awhile now, and we’re so happy to finally purchase her beautiful coffee.

Daysi’s plot of Catuai is actually connected to Ramon’s lot at the very top of the mountain right next door to Yoniar Aguilar(with whom we also work) and just above Edwin Martinez(who we’ll be introducing you to later this year). While Ramon and Yoniar both grow their coffee on the steep hillside leading up to the national park, Daysi’s is actually on the last plateau before you start heading up. Like Ramon’s coffee, her lot is picked and milled on the top of the mountain and brought back down to the house to be dried.

The height that this coffee grows at means that it’s one of the last lots to come down the mountain to be milled. This explains the complexity in the cup and the intense sweetness we see in her coffee, as well as the similarities it has to Ramon and Yoniar’s lots. We’re very proud to continue to support these farmers year after year, and to grow the relationships we have with them and their families.


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