Kenya Nyawira AB

butterscotch, mango, white peach

Location: Embu
Elevation: 1400m
Varieties: SL28 & SL34
Processing: Fully washed

This AB lot is the first coffee we’re releasing this year from the Nyawira Estate. We’re thrilled to be able to partner with yet another small estate in our efforts to get closer to the farmers we work with in Kenya. The owner Athonous has been processing his own coffee for quite a bit longer than some of our other estate partners, and has been a wonderful reference point for us to see what’s possible for small farmers. 

Located in Embu County, Nyawira estate produced just over 50 bags total of primary specialty grade coffee this year. This term refers to grades AA, AB, PB, and C(the smallest screen size) grade of which are usually bought by specialty coffee roasters. We purchased all but the C grade coffee from Athonous, which counted for 42.5 bags.  Working with farmers this way allows us to have a direct relationship and better understand the challenges Manesseh faces, as well as having a direct line to the person working in the fields every day. We visited Nyawira Estate to find a beautifully kept plantation and meticulous planned processing.

Dormans coffee in Tatu city receives the Estate’s coffee for us, mills it, and vacuum packs it before it is shipped to us here. Our partners at Dormans help us manage our relationship with Athonous outside of the time we’re able to spend visiting Kenya, and make sure he knows he’s got a committed buyer year after year. We hope you love this coffee as much as we do, and enjoy it’s deep sweetness and bright fruity flavors! 

About the Variety: Scott Laboratories was a research organisation based in Kenya that developed multiple cultivars on contract between 1934 to 1963. The “SL” is in reference to the organisation, and the numbers are representative of the lab type. SL-28 is known for exceptional cup quality, moderate yields, and great drought resistance. SL-34 on the other hand has very high yielding potential, can be grown nearly anywhere, and is said to tolerate drought and high rainfall extremely well.


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