Colombia La Primavera

blackberry, praline, molasses

Location: Huila 
Elevation: 1700m
Varieties: Castillo, Tabi 
Process: Fully washed 

We are excited to be offering Colombia Finca La Primavera now on our menu. Coming from Palermo, Huila, this coffee is grown at a fairly high elevation, making the coffee flavors a bit more complex.

Produced by Elci Milena Gonzalez & Saul Vasquez Ardila, the two varieties (Castillo & Tabi) set this Colombian coffee apart from others we have had on our menu in previous seasons.

The processing is meticulous, using an eco pulper to remove the coffee cherry preserving water. The coffee is dry fermented after the pulp removal for 60 hours. They then wash & dry it mechanically for 48 hours. This is a very fast drying time for coffees. We have noted that the flavor profile of the coffee will be impacted by the fast drying time. This is something to consider with coffee processing.


We are roasting this coffee with a lower end temp, which is something new for us when roasting Colombian coffees. The goal is to highlight the fruit from the Tabi variety. We have seen fairly high extractions from this coffee, making it easy to work with. Colombia Finca La Primavera is a new coffee for us. We are tasting darker fruits with a rich thick sugary sweetness. Let us know your feedback. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!


We ship freshly roasted coffee Monday - Friday. Get your order in by 12pm PST on weekdays, and have your coffee shipped the next day.

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