Colombia La Toma

almond, melon, grape candy

 Location: Pasto

Varieties: Castillo

Process: Fully Washed 

Elevation: 2020m

Every once in a while when searching for producers to partner with, we stumble upon a bit of a diamond in the rough. Alvaro Francisco Santacruz is one of the rare instances where a producer is able to purchase land and plan the layout and planting on his farm from scratch. The son of coffee farmers, Alvaro went to university and had a career away from coffee before purchasing grazing land with his brother in Pasto to start a coffee farm. They planted red and yellow Castillo throughout the farm in numbered lots, and built multiple patios and raised beds for drying near their depulping area.

The brothers implemented a complex piping system to push clean water through the washing station, as well as the use of water to push coffee between channels and onto the various drying surfaces to eliminate time consuming labor. This helps them run the farm with a smaller crew, and to focus more on their fermentations and processing. We feel that the time spent working on their harvest routine shows in the cup quality. 

We’ve really grown to love coffees from Narino here at Heart, and La Toma is a sparkling example of what’s possible in this region. We’re thrilled to partner with Alvaro and have committed to working with him long term as we continue our work in the south of Colombia. Please enjoy this coffee and appreciate it’s depth and complexity while doing so! 

About the Variety: Castillo is an updated version of Colombia variety which is a hybrid mutation of Caturra and Timor varieties. Colombia variety was bred in response to the issues with Roya and low yields throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, and Castillo is a breed created to improve in yield. Castillo Variety was thought to be a high yielding breed with medium cup quality.

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