Kenya Spikes AB

panela, apricot, gooseberry

Location: Kiambu
Elevation: 1630m
Varieties: SL28 & SL34
Processing: Fully washed

Spikes Estate AB is the second coffee we’re releasing this year from Manesseh Kibochi. We met Manesseh through our friends at Kenyacof, who specifically focus on bringing coffees from small estate farmers and underrepresented mills to market. Spikes immediately jumped off of the cupping table, and we knew we had to visit Manesseh and start a relationship.

Located in Kiambu County, Spikes estate produced 65 bags total of primary specialty grade coffee this year. This term refers to grades AA, AB, PB, and C(the smallest screen size) grade of which are usually bought by specialty coffee roasters. After cupping through his coffees we bought all primary grades except for C, which made up 61 bags total. Working with farmers this way allows us to have a direct relationship and better under- stand the challenges Manesseh faces, as well as having a direct line to the person working in the fields every day. The coffee plantation boasts extremely rich volcanic soil high in phosphate, nitrate, calcium and potassium. After being picked the coffees are depulped at the farm before being wet fermented(soaked in a water bath), washed, and then dried on raised beds. The coffee takes between 2 to 3 weeks to dry fully before it’s bagged up and delivered to the mill.

Kenyacof owns and manages a small mill in Thika where Manesseh delivers his coffee. They’re able to make sure these small quantities of coffee are taken care of. This AB lot is the next screen size up from the PB that is in the cafes already, and it’s fascinating to compare the two. Where the PB is higher in acidity and has almost dried fruit sweetness, the AB lot is rounder and has a creamy mouthfeel. This coffee sings when brewed for filter, and we couldn’t be happier with it!


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