Affogato: espresso meets ice cream

Our version of this classic Italian confection consists of homemade coconut ice cream topped with a perfectly pulled shot of espresso, seemingly simple. After many tasty attempts of pairing our coffee with different ice cream maker’s offerings it was clear, we had to make our own. Creating an ice cream that perfectly complements our espresso was tough, but well worth the delicious results.

Affogato should be for everyone. Our ice cream is made from a mixture of coconut cream, maple syrup, vanilla bean, and Himalayan pink salt. No dairy, refined sugar or artificial nonsense. Vegans, lactose intolerants, and paleos, we’ve got you covered. It makes us happy that just about anyone can enjoy this treat.

We believe that our homemade ice cream has a perfect balance with the espresso that gets poured on top. The coffee that is used for the espresso is single origin and ground with our EK grinders to produce a shot that has less residual particles, producing a more even extraction & balanced flavor. Those complex espresso flavors are then wonderfully complemented by the coconut vanilla creaminess of the ice cream. It took some time to get the recipe just right but we nailed it.

Affogato is available at both café locations for the summer and in limited quantities. See you there!


Heart Coffee Roasters 

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