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You can drop off your resume and cover letter at any of our Portland café locations or send us an email.


Our wholesale relationships are very important to us. We welcome those who share the same values as heart when it comes to coffee. We are looking for cafés, restaurants, and others who want to prepare & serve high quality coffee.


Q: I want to serve heart at my café/business, how do I get started?

A: Please fill out our wholesale contact form and a heart representative will get back to you! 

Q: I’m interested in a job at heart, how do I apply?

A: You can drop off your resume and cover letter at either of our Portland café locations or send us an email and let us know what position you are interested in.

Q: Does heart donate product for events?

A: In some cases we do make donations in the form of coffee, gift cards, or merchandise. We have a quarterly limit. Email us at and we’ll let you know if we can accommodate you.

Q: Do you serve food in your cafés?

A: Yes, at our Westside and Woodstock cafes. View Menu

Q: Is your coffee fair trade and/or organic?

A: We do not purchase labeled “fair trade” coffee. All of our coffee is purchased well above the fair trade pricing (which is a very low price). Fair trade does not guarantee producer sustainability, farmer sustainability, or quality coffee. Some of our coffees are organic but we do not specifically seek out organic coffees, as we primarily focus on taste, quality, & clarity. We do not advertise the organically grown coffee as such, when we are offering it.

Q: What is the optimal time to drink your coffee after the roast date?

A: For filter (home coffee makers, pour overs, Aeropress, french press), we recommend brewing anywhere from 3-7 days off roast. The coffee can be brewed at a later date and will still taste delicious, but we have found our coffee shines best within a week off roast. For espresso, we recommend brewing between 7-14 days off roast. There is CO2 that is created in the roasting process and while this can be beneficial for other brewing methods, it can hinder brewing with an espresso machine.

Q: How fresh is my coffee when I receive it?

A: We currently roast Sunday-Friday and ship Monday-Friday. We ship you the freshest coffee available, so depending on the selected shipping method, it’s anywhere from 1-5 days off the roast date.

Q: Can you pre-grind my coffee?

A: We can! If you would like your coffee ground, please let us know what brewing system you need your coffee ground for, and we will happily grind it for you. 

Q: My coffee tastes watery, what do I do?

A: If your coffee tastes watery, first make sure you have the right ratio of coffee to water. 1 part coffee to 16 parts water is a great place to start. You can also try one of the following at a time and see if it makes a difference:

Grind your coffee finer; Extend your brew time; Use hotter water.

Remember, it is very important to use a burr grinder. This will reduce the variance in coffee particle size and result in giving you a more even extraction.

Q: Why can’t I make coffee at home like the coffee I drink in your cafés?

A: We have a specific water filtration system, commercial grade burr grinders and other equipment, we use recipes and measure the extraction percentage with refractometers, the water is kept at a specific temperature each time we brew, all these things and more help us ensure consistency and a great cup of coffee in our cafés.

Q: Do you have brew recipes?

A: Yes, you can find them here.

Q: What carrier do we use for shipping?

We ship via FedEx only.  Therefore we cannot ship to PO Boxes.  The only exception is shipping to military bases.

Q: What day will my package ship?

A: We ship online orders Monday through Friday. The cut-off time for getting your order in to ship the FOLLOWING day is 12pm Pacific Standard Time. Examples: if you get your order in before 12pm pst on Monday, your package will ship on Tuesday; if you get your order in after 12pm on Thursday, your order will not ship until the following Monday. Note: Coffee Subscriptions only ship on Tuesday or Friday of each week. 

If a major U.S. holiday falls on a business day you can expect your coffee to go out the next available shipping day.

Q: What kind of shipping should I choose for my order?

A: This depends on where you are and how fast you need your coffee. When choosing a FedEx option like Express or 2-3 day shipping, keep in mind that these are business days and the weekends as well as processing time are not included in this timeframe. For example, if you choose FedEx 2 day shipping and your package goes out Friday, your package will not arrive until the following Tuesday. 

Q: I placed an order over a week ago, but haven’t received my package yet. Where is it?

A: First, check your tracking number that is emailed to you upon shipping. When there are severe weather warnings, shipping is often delayed. If this is the case, FedEx does not reimburse shipping costs, therefore, heart doesn’t reimburse for severe weather delays. If you live on the east coast and ship FedEx Ground, keep in mind that your package will take 5-6 business days to reach you… this means 7-8 days including the weekend. It is very important that you are proactive with missing or delayed packages. Once the package has left the facility, it is out of our hands. Please make sure your address is correct, there aren’t any weather delays, and that you select the fastest shipping option that works best for you! 

Q: Do you offer free shipping?

A: We offer free shipping on orders of $65 or more within the United States.

Q: Where in the world do you ship?

A: We can ship coffee anywhere, but keep in mind that it is rather expensive to ship internationally. The recipient is responsible for paying all brokerage, duties, and taxes associated with international shipping.

Q: Is my package insured?

A: All packages are insured within the United States through FedEx.

To file a claim for packages that are damaged or have missing contents, claims must be reported within 60 calendar days from the delivery date. File here.

Q: What is your return Policy?

A: For merchandise, apparel, and/or brew equipment purchases:
If merchandise, apparel, and/or brew equipment is broken or defective upon arrival, you may return or exchange the product within 30 days from purchase. If you want to make a return on merchandise, apparel, and/or brew equipment that is not broken or defective, the product must be unused, in its' original packaging and within 30 days from purchase. If we receive the product and it appears to be used you will not be refunded. Heart does not cover the return shipping cost for the product. For international packages, we are willing to replace merchandise damaged in transit. However, we would need the damaged goods returned and unfortunately we can not cover the shipping costs. Please contact and a heart representative will get back to you with further information.

For coffee purchases:
We cannot guarantee refunds on coffee purchases. If you have purchased coffee beans from heart and are not satisfied or if you have purchased a coffee subscription and wish to cancel the remainder due to dissatisfaction, please email and a heart representative will get back to you with further information.

Q: Where can I purchase heart coffee in my city or country?

A: Please feel free to email us at to get more information.