New coffee has arrived!

Every once in a while, the coffee elves from the coffee elf stations around the world (specifically Latin America, Africa, and Indonesia) come and drop off magic coffee beans for our roasting pleasure. Today was one of those days. While the beans are in their green state, they sit comfy in our temperature and humidity controlled room. This is just the beginning of the fun.

Here are some of the new coffees:

Ethiopia Limu Niguse - This natural processed coffee is sweetly complex with caramel, pomegranate and Rainer cherry. As we leave the Ethiopia Sidama Michicha ARDI that we loved so much, we are blessed with another amazing Ethiopian coffee to take its place. I have tried this coffee in a few different brewing methods including espresso and it is just so delicious.

El Salvador Borbollon - With flavors of milk chocolate, caramel and orange, this coffee has body reminiscent of sugar cane juice.

Sumatra Blue Batak - Blue Batak derives its name from the indigenous Batak people of Lintong who grow coffee in the hillsides surrounding lake Toba. This earthy coffee has a full body and complex acidity with molasses like sweetness.

Decaf Sumatra - This organic, water processed decaf is full of body with a sweet citrus acidity.

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