Luis Alfredo Rojas

This coffee we have been anticipating for is finally here. Thanks to Alejandro Renjifo from Fairfiel Trading, we have this coffee at heart. Earlier in November 2010, we cupped 16 pre-shipment samples and Alfredos coffee was one of them. From the 16 different samples, this coffee stood out the most.  Flavors of pomegranate fruit, hard candy sweetness, and winey, with a clean green apple like acidity. Alfredo only produced 11x 150 lb bags and we got 10 of them. The one left in Colombia got blended in with some other lots so, we now can say that we are the only ones with this coffee. We are very proud and lucky at the same time. Come in and get this coffee on Siphon, Karslbad coffee machine, Chemex, Aeropress or Espresso. We will be roasting this coffee for espresso occasionally and it will be rotating with the other single origin espressos.

Farmer: Luis Alfredo Rojas

Location: Colombia, Municipality of Garzon, Huila

Altitude: 1450 m

Varietal: Colombia and Caturra

Harvesting: October 2010-January 2011

Processing: Wet process with traditional fermentation

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