Guatemala Santa Clara Bourboncillo

Last season was the first time we offered coffee from the incredible Finca Santa Clara, and it was quite lovely. This season we’re very excited to be bringing back a very unique micro-lot from this same farm, the “Bourboncillo.” This coffee is produced using the fruit from the “Bourboncito” or dwarf bourbon plants, which is a low yielding, high quality mutation of the Bourbon varietal of arabica. This mutation produces a cup with a beautifully clean citrus, and intense sweetness. Finca Santa Clara is a pristine farm on the slopes of Volcan de Agua in the Antigua region of Guatemala. The Zelaya family have been growing coffee at Santa Clara for four generations, and are extremely committed to both quality and sustainability, and we’re excited to be able to showcase this unique and beautiful lot. It would be very easy to make this a very long blog post describing how much we love this coffee and all of it’s unique flavor notes, but we’ll refrain, and simply say that if you like cherry and milk chocolate, you’ll love this coffee. Stop by the shop for a bag or a chemex, or visit the online store because this one won’t last

-Jeremy Williamson

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