Rwanda Bufcafé

We have just received and roasted our first few batches of Rwanda Bufcafé. This coffee is delicious and delicate, with a very clean African profile. It’s the kind of coffee that we love to drink: soft on the palate, with clean, sweet citrus, and floral notes. We also taste notes of black tea, clove, cranberry, and caramel. Not only is the coffee delicious, but it has a great story. This coffee is from Bufcafé washing station in the Gikongoro region of Rwanda. It is a pure bourbon cultivar, and grown at 1650-2100 meters above sea level. The coffee is grown by about 400 families on small shares, where it is picked ripe, and then transported to the Bufcafé mill to be processed. Mukashyaka Epiphanie is the owner of the mill and is a genocide widow. Her mission is to rebuild the specialty coffee industry in Rwanda and the community where she lives. All coffee is hand milled and hand sorted, wet processed, and sun dried, which helps to create a coffee that is very sweet with bright, bold acidity. This is our first Rwandan coffee at Heart, and we are very impressed to see the coffee from that region continually improve year by year. This is a testament to what can happen when people work together in the face of adversity with the common goal of improving coffee quality, and improving the lives of those who work to make it happen.

-Jeremy Williamson

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