I got a chance to visit the Yukro Cooperative this past January. The Yukro was one of our favorite coffees of 2012 because of its' floral qualities, sweetness, and complexity. The Yukro is a coffee that you could drink and enjoy every day. Food and Wine magazine enjoyed Heart's Yukro & included it in their top five coffees of the year. The Good Food Awards in San Francisco also chose our Yukro roast as one of their winners.

I arrived at the Coop just in time to catch the tail-end of the harvest. I met up with the treasurer Tigabu Molla and gave him a bag of our Yukro roast. The people who worked at the Yukro Coop were kind and welcoming. It was amazing to see their Coop and the wild forest where the coffee grows.

The Yukro is special and the word has spread to roasters around the globe. Their coffee is in high demand this year but their yield is lower. The good news is last we will see this beautiful coffee on our menu again this year.

Taddase Gudina
Taddase Gudina

Ladies of Yukro
Ladies of Yukro

women of Yukro sorting
women of Yukro sorting

I was fortunate to meet  Taddase Gudina, Yukro's chairman.
I was fortunate to meet Taddase Gudina, Yukro's chairman.

Yukro coop workers
Time was spent with theses guys (Yukro coop workers). They enjoyed showing me around the washing stations and I was grateful for their hospitality.

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