Here Is Your Cup Of Coffee

Exciting news! While digging through our archives here at heart HQ, we recently discovered some very old video footage we shot on an origin trip to Guatemala. Lucky for you, we've been able to restore the footage & our technical wizards managed to upload it to the heart website for your viewing pleasure.

*We highly recommend brewing a delicious cup of heart coffee before viewing

All kidding aside, we've put together a brand new video highlighting the steps from farm to cup. We hope you enjoy it.

Ever wondered where your coffee comes from? Here Is Your Cup Of Coffee by shelby menzel & heart roasters, includes footage we gathered during a recent Guatemala trip. El Diamanté is just one of several farms we visited. We were so impressed by the careful cherry selection, processing, and overall quality control overseen by Jovino Herrara Lopez. If you've never had the chance to visit a coffee farm, this video gives some insight into the careful selection, processing, and drying that are critical to the quality practices & which ultimately translate into cup quality.

This video demonstrates the reason we are committed to bringing you fresh-crop coffees and only offering them for a limited time.

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