Kenya coffees have landed!

Thunguri AA

Kenya coffees are finally here! We are excited to have these big coffees back at heart.

I visited Nyeri, Kenya in February this year and selected 4 different coffees for heart.  On my trip, I went to several cooperatives, small and large. All the cooperatives that I visited had their coffees milled at CKCM (Central Kenya Coffee Mill) located in Nyeri. I was lucky to have timed it well. I was able to cup all the coffees from the harvest weeks that I had previously bought from and also look for new potential coffees. I ended up selecting Thunguri from the Rumuka Co-op for the first coffee we are releasing from our Kenya selection. There are about 800 members in the Thunguri factory. The members have their own coffee trees and they average about 100 trees per farmer/ family. All the farmers deliver their cherries to Thunguri and that’s where all the cherries get sorted, washed, and dried. Thunguri has huge area with tons of raised drying beds and this helps to not get backed up when harvest is at its’ peak. I was happy to see that they were actually using a moisture meter to check the moisture of their coffee before putting it in bags and delivering it to CKCM.  I tasted several different weeks of their production in AA, AB and PB. People believe that AA is better than AB or PB, and I think this is really up to the harvest year, processing, and other variables that come to play when growing the coffee. On the cupping table the AA jumped out this year and maybe next year it will be AB or PB.

We have only a small amount left of this coffee and if you have not tried this coffee I highly recommend you do so. This is a very approachable Kenya coffee with not as high of and acid level as most Kenyan coffees, but more body and juicy flavors. This coffee tastes like blackberries, peach, passion fruit, caramel and red grapefruit.

Entering the Thunguri Factory Entering the Thunguri Factory


Woman sorting at Thunguri co-op Woman sorting at Thunguri co-op

Raised drying beds Raised drying beds

Local children outside of their school, Thunguri Local children outside of their school, Thunguri

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